Naos - Ναός

About the Project

International Film Festival - NAOS

Actuality of the project:
Film student achievements are often underestimated, however, they have a multiple value. On one hand, the early works of young students, orientate their genre and form, their film language, and, on the other hand, early works leave an invaluable mark in their development process. You never known which student will one day grow into a great filmmaker. Therefore, his early work is extremely important because it’s a key part of his development. Student film is a form of expressing a young author on a particular topic. It is very important to see how the student expresses the world in which he lives. Therefore, the NAOS film festival is a place where young film minds gather around the world. The audience of the festival will have the opportunity to see their views on various topics through different film forms and genres.

Project objective:
Preserving the value of student films from basic, master and doctoral studies and providing space for their promotion.

Symbol of the festival:
The Holy Apostle Luke - as a protector of the artist.

Location of the festival:
Orthodox Theological Faculty of the University of Belgrade - Serbia.

Target group:
NAOS Festival is dedicated to students, professors and film audiences.

Film Festival Director,
Mihailo Vulović